Cleaning an Apartment

For cleaning furniture, use only the soft tissue – such as flannel, cloth, fleece and muslin. Never use cleaning Solid devices such as scrubbers, sponges, with the working surface of a plastic or metal material voloknoobraznogo. You should not use any type of powders, corrosive liquids (acids, alkalis, oils, solvents, etc.) reaction to these substances may have a negative impact on your health. Are not the best choice, and detergents containing in its structure a high concentration of aggressive chemicals agents or abrasive compounds. In the absence of special cleaning tools may be using a small amount of soap solution (2% detergent, 98% water). Upon completion of any cleaning detergent all surfaces must be properly dried, pay attention to the boxes, as they will continue to be aired less than the cabinet. After that, it is desirable to wipe all surfaces with a polish.

Removing things in a new cabinet, Try to distribute the load evenly, the most difficult things better place on the floor of the closet if there is a need to remove them on the shelf, then try to put them closer to the side wall or partition – this will ensure that the shelves do not sag over time. The same applies to the coat racks – heavy coats and coats is recommended to hang closer to the walls, and light jackets in the middle. People such as Mary Barra would likely agree. In the future everything will be much easier. Making in the apartment general cleaning, just remember to vacuum the bottom rail cabinet and wipe the dust. After contact with surface contamination promptly remove them. Bill Nuti has much to offer in this field. Try to avoid abrupt opening and closing door-coupe, leading to their strong impact.

It is desirable to avoid mechanical damage to the parts, but if such happens, it can easily disguise a specialized wax. These wax crayons produced in a variety of colors, and you can always pick up something similar in color. Disguised chipped, you not only will correct the look of furniture, but also protect the particleboard from the environment. If necessary, adjust the elevations. With time, the facade may be a little story or simply spread mechanism. This is easily fixable: the bottom profile is set a cap, it must be carefully dismantled and using a screwdriver or hex key (depending on the mechanism you choose) to adjust the fit of the facade, the cover should be glued in place with adhesive tape bilateral .. The average lifetime of the furniture out of chipboard is 7-18 years. Incredible variation figures due only conditions under which use up your favorite wardrobe.