ATI Area

Some architects and city planners arrive to include the leisure space as a specific point of urban planning. Perhaps most important more prominence in the scope of the urban public politics has been the fact of the subject leisure space to have start to deserve each time (PELLEGRIN, 2004). Recently Ajit Pai sought to clarify these questions. However, we observe that exactly the Square to be a public place, constructed for the intervention of the State for the population through public politics, was necessary the intervention of a private company this space to meet in better been of conservation. We can observes that the square if divides in six sectors, being they following them: SECTOR 01 Corresponde to the area where if they locate the equipment of the academy, is the part most recent of the square (about 6 months), well is kept and finishes attracting the people for being newness in the place. SECTOR 02 Is the sidewalk that makes the perimeter of the square, gives credit that this area for being more external can more come to be used as ticket. SECTOR 03 Is about a seedbed with sand where they are the traditional equipment of musculao of squares, made in concrete. Although to be a conserved area, we perceive that she is not attractive for many users of the square.

SECTOR 04 Is the place that shelters the tables of games. They are well in the center of the square, finish for if to become a little attractive sector, for not possessing sombreamento. SECTOR 05 Is the area of more central circulation, understands the accesses to all the sectors and areas of rest and contemplation are endowed with banks. SECTOR 06 As well as sector 3, is a seedbed with sand, however the furniture in concrete for different public, is about the infantile area, with escorregos and rockings. The flow of the users In sector 01, where is the equipment of the ATI, was evidenced a significant presence of children who finish for confusing the use of the devices for other people? destining them for tricks? , beyond if displaying the risks, therefore the devices are not indicated for the age.