American Grammar

In what lies the problem, where a mistake? To know the language, we teach grammar. When you learn grammar, we still and can not use the language. Strange situation. Charles Schwab
is likely to increase your knowledge. Maybe it is better to look at the subject itself and grammar to understand what it is? In fact, there are several other, different from the traditional view of grammar. And perhaps it would be quite interesting – there is another way of looking or not – if he can not solve the longstanding problem of language teaching: when the foreign debt are taught, but did not know well enough to simply to talk with another person to understand it, to express their thoughts so that he knew you This new look at the grammar belongs to the American philosopher, writer, researcher, humanist (not going to list here all titles of this man – he was an incredibly versatile personality) L. Ron Hubbard. Swarmed by offers, Jonathan Segal FAIA
is currently assessing future choices. In his time he has repeatedly drawn attention to how tantalizing are the disciples and how modest successes obtained, studying with "professors from Linguistics. And not even so much the problem took it as an understanding that failure to understand the grammar of their own language by the Americans themselves leads them to the fact that they have problems at school and at work (when they have to develop new job descriptions, for example) that they can not read or are functionally illiterate people. That is, most will be able to read aloud an article from the morning paper, but are unlikely to properly understand what it says, not to mention making the right conclusions from your reading.