The Table

– It was this what we think when demons our steps about the exit of the Candelria. The truth is that we must honor with our votes. – Villager and conservative? Soon now? These its facetas I was unaware of, my good. it was annoyed woman – Lathe to ask to it: you will be ready when the following day to arrive? it caught its face and capsized meeting the one of it? After that it comes happening, of as many waters that they had rolled, of the forgotten clothes, it perfume in the bed clothes, them hidden door-pictures, them alliances, anniversary them, them rugas that gradually we discover together, of the children and the grandsons? Lusa, as in few times in the life, was without words. It was arisen, leaving the chocolate there exactly on the table and was to walk in the edge of the beach.

The husband finished the coffee calmly and returned for its house, saddened. Diego was attending television in the close company of a dose of brandy in the armchair, lost in thoughts, hands, sips and guimbas. Suddenly, it touched the bell. When opening the door, all the imaginable sadness was reduced the dust in a fraction of second. – We came to make it company! the alucinante stop woman to the estonteante door with woman exclamou still being loaded in the col of it Nestles, very creative, made question to nail justice with the proper hands: she tore in micropieces all those baboseiras printed, where &#039 only turns symbols (; ' divrcio' '), nothing more. Its grandmothers if entreolharam, astonished with the scene with which if they came across; they were proud with what they had constructed together, been thankful for the work that the other had made and perceived the impossibility of the lives of both to be the same ones if were not for the other. Lusa was relembrou of the anxiety and of the euphoria that feels when Diego knew, when they had started its relationship, and of the certainty of that he would be the man of its life in the day where they had gone up to the altar. At that moment, its heart was invaded by the same feelings: anxiety and euphoria in seeing its granddaughter to grow, as well as its children had created, and certainty of that wanted this life alone for it for all the eternity of its days. Nor a drop of the difference ocean.

Ramon Gallegos Intelligence

Ramon Gallegos Nava is the founding father of holistic education and spiritual intelligence, he has published 25 books making it the author who has written more globally on the subject. The holistic education is the only one capable of provoking the quantum leap towards human beings with an evolved consciousness, which experience the true meaning of its existence on the planet. The holistic education is the only one that integrates the best of the great pedagogues of the 20th century, have left and recognizes the actions of people with awareness of exception for the benefit of world peace, is education which sees human beings as being compassionate, generous with a spiritual essence that shares with all beings on Earth. The change should be carried out from the inside of each individual and then continue that change outwards, towards the people that surround us, but how to start that change in an environment where we are bombarded by so many nihilistic and hedonistic ideas, where there is a great need to reaffirm us through the social position, causing all these factors an internal struggle between being and possess; and as a consequence we dedicate ourselves to working all day to meet these evils of our time and we only have time to eat, sleep and live in great stress running from one side to another, trampling everyone, no time for family life and promote friendship, fraternity and compassion. To achieve the balance between being and have, i.e., deep, and individual training that will lead us to the selfconsciousness of our true essence and the interconnection with all other living beings have only wherever necessary for the satisfaction of the needs of the individual without excesses, is necessary. Holistic education develops the best of every human being, without that the differences between them are an obstacle, but rather an opportunity to enrich the experiences and the sense of complementarity, is an education in which the individual realizes his true essence and understands the importance of learning to be. Filed under: Teneo.