The Company

Messages are released into the basket one by one, but still come and come … 99.99% instantly remove any that come to them with spam emails. Why then does not stop spam? The secret is actually very simple. Despite the fact that the response to the spam mail is extremely low, he still holds. If the company sends spam to thousands of addresses and then makes a couple of dozen sales, spam is good enough for her marketing tool.

After a few sales is much better than nothing at all, right? No, not correct. Those who engage in spamming and trying to get away at least some outcome that is assessed as positive, do not see a downside. What can be expected of those who engage in such practices? Spam is perceived very negatively on the Web, so those who use it, just enough to lose everything: their ISP INTERNET-channel, web hosting, your website, email, etc. AND even if you try to conceal their own activities, a number of complaints from recipients of spam, a small technical work on the analysis of INTERNET-protocol and you were gone … I do not talk about issues that may arise from you authorities.

In some countries there are laws that set a fine of up to $ 500 for each (!) Sent as spam letter plus a number of other negative legal consequences. Take social aspect of this activity: one hundred percent of the spam means an instant loss of business reputation. In other words, not worth powder and shot.